Is a Dianabol Only Cycle Worth It?

A steroid cycle refers to the period in which an individual uses anabolic androgenic steroids. Each cycle often lasts between 4 – 15 weeks and this is determined by the user’s objectives, experience as well as the anabolic compound(s) used. Dianabol is known to be a potent steroid.

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The Dianabol only circle is very popular with beginner steroid users. Despite the fact that this cycle works well, it is nowhere near being a good cycle. Most of the mass gain is water retention which will be lost the moment the cycle is discontinued. One can expect to keep about 3 – 5 kgs from a proper Dianabol cycle. In case a bodybuilder wants to bulk up (gain mass) without the need to do injections, a Dianabol only cycle can be extremely effective and helpful but only if run properly.

One of the most common questions on steroids is whether a Dianabol only cycle is worth it. Well, to start with, you can expect wonderful results from a Dianabol only cycle.  However, this is not something that experts recommend. So, how come that something that provides remarkable outcomes is not recommended? There are reasons why a Dianabol only cycle is not the best idea. Although Dbol is undeniably a great steroid, it should not be used alone.

Dianabol Helps Mass Gains

You can easily gain considerable mass and strength when you run an oral only cycle over a number of weeks. However, your diet is what will determine the mass you gain.  In case you have a calorie deficit, there won’t be much change size wise.  All the same, if you have a good understanding of appropriate nutrition, you may supplement it with a reasonably responsible dose of Dianabol and you will experience growth and an increase in your strength.

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That may sound amazing but actually, it is not. There is a problem with Dbol only cycle: the moment you stop, all the gains you made will quickly disappear – probably as rapidly as you gained them.  Performance enhancement is mainly about making improvement and progressing, meaning you would have just wasted your time.  So if you are back to where you started then you have neither improved nor progressed.

A Dianabol only cycle can be alright for performance athletes such as fighters, powerlifters, ball players, etc. but not bodybuilders who participate in competitions, or gym rats. With this cycle, they will gain a quick and extensive buildup in strength and since strength is crucial for most athletic pursuits, it will be much more effective.  Athletes may find six weeks of use before an important competition worthy of consideration. The gains made will surely disappear once the cycle is discontinued, but then an athlete will have already attained his goal.

We know that a Dianabol only cycle is not a good idea when it comes to maintaining any gains; it simply isn’t an efficient type of cycle.  Since your body requires time to adapt, it is necessary for you to allow for this time to happen. However, you need another alternative because you can’t supplement with Dianabol forever.

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