How Effective Are Fat Burners?

Many questions have been raised about how and if fat burners really work. While some people swear by them, others are convinced that they are mere gimmicks.  If you are burning to know how effective fat burners are, then read on.

When used properly, fat burners can be effective weight-loss aid. Fat burners are supplements and not pills that can make fat to melt off your body like ice cream from a child’s cone. They are manufactured with ingredients that can actually provide you with an extra boost to help burn fat. However, they can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Fat burners can be effective if combined with healthy lifestyle choices, like a good diet which comprises of very healthy foods in moderation, and a good amount of exercise as well.

Fat Burners Are Not “The Miracle Solution”

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to consider fat burners as the miracle solution they have been looking for. They think that all they need to do to have weight loss results is to just take a fat-loss support supplement. However, research has shown that adhering to a calorie restricted diet is 80 percent of the weight loss war. The rest 20 percent is exercise and extra help from supplementation.

Fat burners can be helpful in enhancing fat loss; but first a proper diet must be put in place. They work in a number of ways. They can help suppress appetite, increase energy, stimulate fat to be used for energy, and even boost metabolism and core temperatures to allow your body to burn extra calories throughout the day. However, if you proceed to enjoy burgers, pizza and bagels after taking a fat burner, don’t expect to see fat loss soon.

Weight Loss Expectations Should be Realistic

It is important to ensure that your weight loss expectations are realistic. The fact that you are using a fat burner doesn’t mean that you should be able to melt pounds of fat each week. Although your fat loss rate can be improved, it is not an indication that you will be shedding off 10 pounds in a week just because you are using the supplement. For average, healthy individuals, a fat loss rate of 1 – 3 pounds per week is safe and although it can be pushed up to 4 pounds per week, it is not sustainable. Sooner or later, your body will hit a plateau and fat loss will slow.

You could be using or not using a fat burner; but if your weight is decreasing at a very fast rate, you could be losing lean muscle mass. In this case, you will have to reconsider your fat-loss plan if you wish to have the looks of a bodybuilder or a toned fitness model instead of a coat hanger that has no shape.


Tolerance is one of the problems with fat burners. Over time, the body may develop a tolerance to the fat burner pills’ ingredients.  This means that they will become less effective. Unfortunately, many people think that increasing the dosage should be alright since the fat burners are made of 100% natural ingredients. But that is wrong. Upping a dosage to get similar effects can finally lead to overdosing, and severe health complications.

One important point to bear in mind is that shortcuts to weight loss don’t work. They may even be dangerous to your health. A healthy diet and great exercise remain the best way to lose weight.

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