Winstrol – What stacks well with the anabolic steroid?

Winstrol is the trade name which Stanozolol, an anabolic androgenic steroid is generally sold under. This performance enhancing drug (PED) is an immensely popular DHT based anabolic steroid. Winstrol stacking is a significant point of discussion particularly for the performance enhancing athletes. Its stacking plans are ideal for enhancing athletic performance and are most commonly found in physique-based cutting cycles. It is important for users to know how best to stack this steroid in order to maximize their supplementation.

Winstrol Stacking

Winstrol Stacking

Being a powerful dihydrotestosterone (DHT) steroid, Stanozolol stacks well with nearly any anabolic steroid. However, although Winstrol stacks well with virtually any anabolic steroid, there are particular steroids that are more effective than others when conjoined with this dihydrotestosterone base.  The anabolic steroids to be stacked with Winstrol will be mainly determined by your goal, whether it is improving athletic performance or finishing a well-planned cycle. However, at any stage and for any goal, most people find that Winstrol plans are helpful when some form of testosterone is included, and in case testosterone is not present, then some type of testosterone boosting agent for instance Proviron should be present.

A Winstrol stack can be made up of either Anadrol or Dianabol as a bulking steroid or a drug that is more versatile. In addition, a testosterone supplementation must also be included. Any other preferred supplement can be added provided the potential conflicts and dosage overlaps created are taken into consideration.

Winstrol can as well be simply added at the end of a user’s regular steroid cycle goals of gaining lean mass while dieting prior to a competition. Also, performance athletes can benefit from using a Winstrol stack.

Winstrol Cycle Stacks

The first point for a Winstrol stack consists of Winstrol stacked with a testosterone. Just like all steroids, Winstrol inhibits testosterone production. It can be stacked with either an unadulterated, bio-identical testosterone or a testosterone cocktail such as Sustanon.  The users’ athletic goals and the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each steroid will determine the other steroids they stack with.

Winstrol Primobolan Stack

Primobolan is as useful to performance athletes as Winstrol, which is why many professional baseball players use it.  Primobolan’s alkyl structure differs from that of other steroids that enable Winstrol to actually remain bioavailable in the system, which makes it less toxic to the liver and on the other hand, less androgenic. A good number of steroid users try stacking Primobolan with Winstrol.

This steroid builds lean muscle and controls fat reserves in the same way Winstrol does. Primobolan is remarkable owing to its ability to stop muscle wasting. This means that stacking Winstrol and Primobolan will produce a binary effect for performance athletes. Stacking the two will also make a good cutting cycle for bodybuilders.

Winstrol Anavar Stack

When combined, Winstrol and Anavar can produce a fabulous lean physique during a cutting cycle.  When the effects of Anavar are compared against Winstrol, the similarities between the two steroids will be noticeable.  Winstrol StackBut users should ensure that they do not stack two oral steroids due to the possible damage to the liver. It is advisable to try the injectable form of each. Although a stack consisting of Anavar and Winstrol is ideal for bodybuilders’ cutting cycles, they may provide performance athletes with good results.

For you to tell what is best to stack with Winstrol, you need to first take into consideration your goals.  You can then conduct a research to ascertain what you should stack with Winstrol. However, regardless of what you stack with, you must ensure that you at least stack Winstrol with Testosterone. Trembolone is actually one of the steroids that are most commonly stacked with Winstrol.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that is in very high demand thus there is plenty of bogus counterfeit products on the market. That is why you should buy Winstrol that is safe, clean and legal in both injectable and oral forms from reliable outlets. To find out more on a wide range of things regarding Winny check out

Why Are BCAAs So Highly Regarded?

Branched-chain amino acids, commonly known as BCAAs are regarded as the building blocks of protein. Nine of the BCAAs are considered as essential and when a substance is said to be necessary for the body, it implies that without it you will not live. It is impossible to survive without essential amino acids. Similarly, we need essential acids in order to thrive.

BCAAs are so highly regarded and are very popular among athletes nowadays who are looking for ways they can enhance lean mass and performance.  One popular idea is that the branched chain amino acids namely valine, leucine and iso-leucine can travel through the blood to the brain and lower the production of serotonin inside the brain.  This will then reduce mental fatigue by cutting the amount of serotonin which can create a feeling of exhaustion. This hypothesis is supported by a fair amount of scientific studies.

Presently, there are different types of nutritional supplements. However, basic supplements such as protein, creatine, and a multi-vitamin are not only very important but highly regarded as well.  When it comes to amino acids particularly BCAAs, it is no different.

Taking a Whey Protein With a BCAA Content

Muscles can’t grow without protein. When a person is training to develop a strong and powerful body, the muscles need to be stimulated at the cellular level.  Roughly 33 percent of muscle protein is made up of BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine and valine. During exercise, they lessen muscle fatigue, accelerate recovery and reduce the loss of other amino acids from muscle. Besides, they help the body in absorbing protein. There will be muscle loss if there is a deficiency in any one of these amino acids. BCAAs differ from other amino acids in that instead of them being metabolized in the liver, they are metabolized in the muscle.

BCAAs are equally aggressive in their absorptive qualities. This means that they should be available simultaneously so as to ensure optimal absorption into the muscle system. When exercising, BCAAs are quickly depleted from the muscle. Performance will be enhanced and fatigue delayed when BCAAs are taken before and/or during training. When BCAAs are taken immediately after or with a post-work meal, it tends to lower cortisol levels (destroys muscle) and substitute BCAA levels in the muscles more rapidly.

The Roles of BCAAs

BCAAs function as nitrogen transporters which help the muscles in synthesizing other amino acids required for anabolic muscle action. In other words, it is a merging of simpler amino acids to create a complex, complete muscle tissue. The production of insulin is stimulated by BCAAs and its main role is to allow muscle cells to take up circulating blood sugar and use it as a source of energy.  This production of sugar boosts amino acid uptake by the muscle. Being anabolic as well as anti-catabolic due to their ability to considerably increase protein synthesis BCAAs assist in the release of hormones like IGF-1, the growth hormone (GH), and insulin, and aid in maintaining a testosterone to cortisol ratio.

BCAAs can be helpful in the prevention of protein breakdown and muscle loss as they are great anti-catabolic as well. This is a factor that is very important to people on pre-contest diets. The use of BCAAs is highly recommended during these periods of low caloric intake as there is an increased risk of muscle loss owing to a reduction in the rate of protein synthesis and an upsurge of proteolysis.

Is a Dianabol Only Cycle Worth It?

A steroid cycle refers to the period in which an individual uses anabolic androgenic steroids. Each cycle often lasts between 4 – 15 weeks and this is determined by the user’s objectives, experience as well as the anabolic compound(s) used. Dianabol is known to be a potent steroid.

steroid cycles long anabolic

The Dianabol only circle is very popular with beginner steroid users. Despite the fact that this cycle works well, it is nowhere near being a good cycle. Most of the mass gain is water retention which will be lost the moment the cycle is discontinued. One can expect to keep about 3 – 5 kgs from a proper Dianabol cycle. In case a bodybuilder wants to bulk up (gain mass) without the need to do injections, a Dianabol only cycle can be extremely effective and helpful but only if run properly.

One of the most common questions on steroids is whether a Dianabol only cycle is worth it. Well, to start with, you can expect wonderful results from a Dianabol only cycle.  However, this is not something that experts recommend. So, how come that something that provides remarkable outcomes is not recommended? There are reasons why a Dianabol only cycle is not the best idea. Although Dbol is undeniably a great steroid, it should not be used alone.

Dianabol Helps Mass Gains

You can easily gain considerable mass and strength when you run an oral only cycle over a number of weeks. However, your diet is what will determine the mass you gain.  In case you have a calorie deficit, there won’t be much change size wise.  All the same, if you have a good understanding of appropriate nutrition, you may supplement it with a reasonably responsible dose of Dianabol and you will experience growth and an increase in your strength.

Dianabol tablets

That may sound amazing but actually, it is not. There is a problem with Dbol only cycle: the moment you stop, all the gains you made will quickly disappear – probably as rapidly as you gained them.  Performance enhancement is mainly about making improvement and progressing, meaning you would have just wasted your time.  So if you are back to where you started then you have neither improved nor progressed.

A Dianabol only cycle can be alright for performance athletes such as fighters, powerlifters, ball players, etc. but not bodybuilders who participate in competitions, or gym rats. With this cycle, they will gain a quick and extensive buildup in strength and since strength is crucial for most athletic pursuits, it will be much more effective.  Athletes may find six weeks of use before an important competition worthy of consideration. The gains made will surely disappear once the cycle is discontinued, but then an athlete will have already attained his goal.

We know that a Dianabol only cycle is not a good idea when it comes to maintaining any gains; it simply isn’t an efficient type of cycle.  Since your body requires time to adapt, it is necessary for you to allow for this time to happen. However, you need another alternative because you can’t supplement with Dianabol forever.

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How Effective Are Fat Burners?

Many questions have been raised about how and if fat burners really work. While some people swear by them, others are convinced that they are mere gimmicks.  If you are burning to know how effective fat burners are, then read on.

When used properly, fat burners can be effective weight-loss aid. Fat burners are supplements and not pills that can make fat to melt off your body like ice cream from a child’s cone. They are manufactured with ingredients that can actually provide you with an extra boost to help burn fat. However, they can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Fat burners can be effective if combined with healthy lifestyle choices, like a good diet which comprises of very healthy foods in moderation, and a good amount of exercise as well.

Fat Burners Are Not “The Miracle Solution”

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to consider fat burners as the miracle solution they have been looking for. They think that all they need to do to have weight loss results is to just take a fat-loss support supplement. However, research has shown that adhering to a calorie restricted diet is 80 percent of the weight loss war. The rest 20 percent is exercise and extra help from supplementation.

Fat burners can be helpful in enhancing fat loss; but first a proper diet must be put in place. They work in a number of ways. They can help suppress appetite, increase energy, stimulate fat to be used for energy, and even boost metabolism and core temperatures to allow your body to burn extra calories throughout the day. However, if you proceed to enjoy burgers, pizza and bagels after taking a fat burner, don’t expect to see fat loss soon.

Weight Loss Expectations Should be Realistic

It is important to ensure that your weight loss expectations are realistic. The fact that you are using a fat burner doesn’t mean that you should be able to melt pounds of fat each week. Although your fat loss rate can be improved, it is not an indication that you will be shedding off 10 pounds in a week just because you are using the supplement. For average, healthy individuals, a fat loss rate of 1 – 3 pounds per week is safe and although it can be pushed up to 4 pounds per week, it is not sustainable. Sooner or later, your body will hit a plateau and fat loss will slow.

You could be using or not using a fat burner; but if your weight is decreasing at a very fast rate, you could be losing lean muscle mass. In this case, you will have to reconsider your fat-loss plan if you wish to have the looks of a bodybuilder or a toned fitness model instead of a coat hanger that has no shape.


Tolerance is one of the problems with fat burners. Over time, the body may develop a tolerance to the fat burner pills’ ingredients.  This means that they will become less effective. Unfortunately, many people think that increasing the dosage should be alright since the fat burners are made of 100% natural ingredients. But that is wrong. Upping a dosage to get similar effects can finally lead to overdosing, and severe health complications.

One important point to bear in mind is that shortcuts to weight loss don’t work. They may even be dangerous to your health. A healthy diet and great exercise remain the best way to lose weight.

Building Muscle While Remaining Lean: How to Do It

Everyone wants to be huge, strong and lean.  Broad shouldered guys with a thick back and a chest that pops tend to command greater respect – and attention, while the skinny ones are often victims of “skinny prejudices” because people generally consider them as insecure and impotent. So if you want to know how to build muscle with minimal fat, then this article is for you.

A man building muscle

When it comes to building lean muscles, there are basic principles that you must stick to in order to bulk up and build muscle while remaining trim. There are two crucial factors you have to manipulate: your training and your diet.

Focus On Exercises That Allow You to Lift Most Weight.

To build more muscle, you must lift progressively heavier weights.  Applying a progressively intense stimulus is a must for muscle growth to be induced. Your body will only develop new muscle tissue when it is given a reason to. Thus, when you lift heavier weight or do more reps regularly, the body will react by synthesizing new muscle for it to meet this new demand.

Proper Diet

Minus a proper diet, it doesn’t matter how often and how much you lift weights, you will not make efficient progress.  Likewise, without an appropriate training routine, regardless of how “perfect” your diet is, bulking up and building muscle will be a mere pipe dream.

For your body to shed existing tissue and lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn. Once you do this, your body will be forced to use something else other than the food you are consuming in order to fuel itself. This way, it will have a reason to burn existing tissue.

And on the other hand, your body can’t synthesize new tissue, whether it is muscle or fat unless you consume more calories than you torch. The moment you do this; your body is forced to do something with that excess energy that you are not burning. This will give it a good reason to add new tissue. Manipulating your caloric intake is the only method that promise weight loss or weight gain consistently.

Energy Balance

Energy balance directly dictates weight loss and weight gain. Your body needs calories in order to build muscle; however, excess calories will jump-start the fat-storing process and lead to weight gain. Thus it is important to eat just enough so as to facilitate the muscle-gaining process but not to such an extent that you will add fat alongside it.

At the same time, you need to exercise care because human bodies are only capable of synthesizing a certain amount of new muscle per time. How fast we can build muscle is not something that is set in stone. Building muscle mass and staying lean simultaneously is a bit tricky; it is a delicate balancing act which may need some trial and error to get it right.

Monitoring your weight, how you look in the mirror and the fit of your clothes is the best way to ensure your program is effective.  Cut back on calories if you notice the scale going up. One way to achieve this is by controlling portion sizes at mealtime. On the other hand, if you see the scale drop and you feel tired during your workouts, it means you may need additional calories.

Bodybuilders Cheat Days and Meals: Good or Bad Idea?

Cheat days and cheat meals are basically planned into the schedule of anyone who is dieting. They allow them to relax their willpower for a while and provide some leeway for them to enjoy their favorite culinary sins – the foods they are craving for.

They are meant to stop binging and act like safety pressure relief valves that ensure the bodybuilders don’t explode. Cheat meals enable people who are dieting to stick to nutritional plan for another week.

a picture of a bodybuilder eating a cheat meal

A person can go crazy sticking to a diet without cheating especially if dieting for 12 weeks or longer. Eating cheat meals can be psychologically helpful and a little junk food may go a long way in this case.

Cheat Days

A cheat day is basically a day when you can eat anything you want without caring to follow a schedule. How you opt to do this depends on your personal preference. Some individuals go wild and eat anything and everything they can get hold of and often end up eating thousands of calories at a time.

Likewise, some people opt to take a more sober approach and avoid eating all of the junk foods they normally crave. Instead they eat comparatively healthy regular meals and may have some special for desert or something else.

Cheat Meals

Cheat meals is another way to incorporate a cheat by just having a cheat meal instead of a cheat day. When it comes to a cheat meal, a person can eat anything they have been craving for only at one meal and continue with their normal meal plan as scheduled. These types of cheats focus on eating “prohibited” foods as they will be eating as usual for the remainder of the day.

Physiological Benefits of Cheating

Cheat days and meals can offer several benefits. If you have been dieting uncompromisingly, you are more likely to have low muscle glycogen levels. This is often accompanied with a sluggish feeling during your training and less than optimum strength.

Glycogen Levels

Dieting is accompanied with decreased muscle glycogen (in animal cells this glucose polysaccharide Glc works like the secondary provisional energy storage) and there is a slowing of the metabolism effect. The moment you shock your system with a high influx of calories in one stroke, the body’s metabolism will indicate an increase, which will once again jumpstart your “furnace” into top gear.

The rock enjoying cheat meal

There are many conflicting opinions about cheat days and meals. While some experts command the strictest adherence to the programs, claiming that even a slight deviation from your diet will stop you from realizing your goals, others shun the concept of cheating totally. They allege that you don’t need to pay attention to overall food intake just so long as you stick to eating healthy foods.

Well, the two school of thought have got it wrong. You can and should enjoy regular cheat days and cheat meals so long as you go about it correctly. For instance, cheating too often, eating too many calories or plenty of dietary fat in cheat meals, drinking alcohol while cheating and indulging in cheat days and not meals are common mistakes that must be avoided.

Cheat days and cheat meals will only be beneficial if all it does is keep you motivated for adherence to your diet the rest of the time and not focus too much on food.